USMLE Test Registration

Registration for the USMLE should be pursued only by those candidates who meet all eligibility requirements. Any students who take a part of the test for which they are not qualified will not receive a score, even if they perform extraordinarily well on the exam.

Students applying for Steps 1, 2 CK, or 2 CS should visit the National Board of Medical Examiners Web site at Obtain an application by following the instructions on the NBME site. Students must create a login name and password. Once an account has been created, students can apply for the test online and then check the status of their application. Students outside the United States and Canada can apply by visiting the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Web site at

The registration requirements and procedures for Step 3 of the USMLE depend upon the geographical area of the medical licensing authority to which you plan to apply. A good place to start is the Federation of State Medical Boards Web site at

USMLE Test Registration All applicants, once they have submitted their application and it is processed, will receive a scheduling permit. The permit will contain the applicant's name, the name of the intended examination, eligibility period, testing region, scheduling number, and a candidate identification number. The scheduling number is used when scheduling a test date and the candidate identification number is used when taking the actual test. The permit must be presented on the day of the test or the candidate will not be allowed to enter the testing facility.

Once applicants receive a scheduling permit, they can schedule a testing date for either Step 1, 2 CK, or 3. The applicant must contact Prometric in order to schedule the appointment. Appointments for testing are provided on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Candidates may select any date that falls within the range of the eligibility period provided on their scheduling permit. Applicants should keep in mind that testing centers operate on various hours and days. Some are closed on weekends and most are closed on holidays.

After successfully choosing a testing date, applicants will receive a confirmation of the test date and time, as well as the address and phone number of the Prometric testing facility at which they will be taking the test. It is always a good idea for applicants to contact the testing center to confirm one week prior to the test date.

Last Updated: 04/23/2014